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"Each time I've worked with Betty, whether accompanying her or her students, I'm struck by her level of professionalism and dedication to producing beautiful music. She is an excellent clarinetist whom I really enjoy working with. I have observed her coaching her students on many occasions, and feel they are fortunate to have such a terrific teacher!"

Tordis Fahringer

"Betty Bley is one of the very best musicians in our band - and best liked by the Band and our audience. She has a great following."

Ken Stegeman
General Manager
The Virginia Grand Military Band

"Dear Betty,

Thank you again for your help on the film. You played the piece exactly as I heard it. I really liked how you played this. I've been getting lots of great feedback from people about it, and I feel that your playing adds a very special touch."

Paul Leavitt
Pianist & Composer
(describing my solo clarinet playing that was recorded for the theme music to "The Last Refuge," a documentary film that premiered at the Library of Congress)


"Playing the clarinet is more than just pressing on some keys; there is a special talent that the musician must have to be capable of playing the instrument. Not only does Ms. Bley have that talent, but she also is able to pass on that talent to her students. For the last three years under the instruction of Ms. Bley, I have felt that she has taught me more than the previous five years and four instructors have. I could never have imagined myself in the high school Wind Ensemble or auditioning into a college symphonic band as a 5 th grader picking up the clarinet for the first time. Moreover, she is versatile in all the instruments in the clarinet family, quickly accommodating me and my e-flat clarinet. Her musical talent is awe inspiring; it makes even the hardest piece look like a walk in the park. The hope that one day I could play like her keeps motivating me to play the clarinet better. She has pushed me to not only become a better player but also a better person. Ms. Bley has been a wonderful mentor and teacher for what seems like years, and I wouldn't want it any other way."

Akhila Ganapathy
Graduate, Langley High School Wind Symphony
Undergraduate Student, Syracuse University


"My son, Sam, has been a student of Betty Bley's for some years and I must say his experience has changed my heart regarding music lessons. Most of the members of my family have played clarinet at some point or another and I remember a series of authoritarian, uncompromising bullies as my own teachers. Most especially, my own uncle, who played in the symphony, would occasionally give me a lesson. This was cause for nightmares and terror. When Sam asked for bass clarinet and contra bass lessons, I bit my tongue and agreed when my wife found Betty through word of mouth. Ms. Bley is outstanding. She has that rare balance of high expectations and kindness. She is a consummate professional who's only interest is that her students learn and shine. She shares her infectious love for music and is a great role model of personal discipline for the right reasons; striving for excellence because of the joy and satisfaction that is brings. Sam, under her guidance, has made great strides in his musicianship but more importantly, has cemented a life-long love for music and a positive relationship to learning. I highly recommend Ms. Betty Bley to anyone looking for the best kind of teacher."

Josef Gurian

"Thanks, Betty, for a wonderful afternoon of recital music. All the students were well prepared and performed really well. I also enjoyed your introduction to each piece and your selection of music for the students.

I was really pleased with Justin's performance and musicality that day. You are able to draw the best out of him. I appreciate your very organized studio and your knowledge and professionalism in guiding Justin."

Oona Cheung

"Betty, you have been a tremendous help getting FayFay to become a fine Clarinet player. We are very proud of her achievement. Your dedication to your students and excellence in music are greatly appreciated."

Yang Weng

"Ms. Bley,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Erika. You are a wonderful teacher and an inspiration."

Cheryl Rodakowski



"Dear Betty,

I want to say Thank You for making the wedding day of Beth and Jeff so very special to all of us. Your music at the church was awesome!"

Tom and Madeline Gamble



"Dear Betty and Quintessence Musicians,

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful music you played for Nancy and Jerry's wedding. The music was so lovely and so appropriate for the setting. Many guests told Tony and me that the wedding music was especially nice and that they enjoyed listening to it while they were waiting for the wedding to begin as well as during cocktail time.

I know Nancy and Jerry will agree with me that the Quintet added so much to help make their wedding a very special occasion to remember always. Thank you again."

Marcia DiTrapini

"Dear Mrs. Bley,

I am writing to thank you and the members of Quintessence for a superb concert. It was a joy to have musicians of your caliber here at Emmanuel. You gave us a most memorable experience. It is still being talked about.

Continue to share your special talents. We would consider it an honor to have you play here again, at any time."

Jan P. Lookingbill
Emmanuel Lutheran Church



"Dear Elizabeth, Beth and Amy,

Thank you all so much for your beautiful music at our Gala!"

Marcia S. Twomey
Director of Development
Navy Marine Coast Guard Residence Foundation